Friday, June 19, 2009

A little morning play

This morning I gave the girls oatmeal and let them feed it to themselves. After they were done enjoying their oatmeal, I took their nightgowns off and threw them straight in the wash. When I got them out of their highchairs they ran off to play, just wearing their diapers. They are having such a fun time running around in the diapers that I still haven't gotten them dressed yet.

Izzie putting Teddy in the stroller.

Izzie taking Teddy for a walk.

Izzie started giving Maddie kisses.

They were giggling so much!

Maddie showing off her winning smile.

Maddie putting Bunny in her stroller.

"There, that looks good."

Time for a walk!


Maddie and Izzie telling me Daddy is at work. They do the sign for Daddy and then the sign for work. This photo shows Maddie doing the sign for Daddy. (The thumb should be on the forehead, but for now she does it more on her nose.) Izzie does the sign on the side of her head.

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