Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just a Thursday

Izzie from a few nights ago. We went swimming in a pool that was given to me from one of my fellow Wylie Moms! The girls really enjoyed it. Izzie had to take a break from splashing to mow the deck.

Maddie in the pool.

We didn't do anything exciting today. We did go over to Nanna's house this morning although according to Izzie it is "Popo!" house. This morning, Izzie started out sort of fussy, but once we got to Nanna's house she was better. And let me tell you, her vocabulary was exploding today. She was saying the names of everything. Point to something and she'd tell you what it was. The newest thing that they know is Circle, Square and Triangle.

Nanna's was followed by an omelet for lunch (we had almond butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast) (I know, I'm backwards sometimes) then play & reading time followed by nap. Maddie didn't go to sleep for a full hour. That hasn't happend in a while, so I was surprised. She was upstairs making all sorts of funny noises with her mouth, quiet content. Izzie slept through all of it. But then at 4 when Izzie woke up, Maddie woke up too. She wasn't done napping though. And she cried and cried and cried. Finally snack distracted her. Then she picked up the crying after snack. We checked her over to see if there was any injuries/poo/fever/gums... nope. Finally they starting playing with a new train I bought them. Things were pretty good, and they ate a decent dinner. After dinner they were actually happy. Splish-splash in the bath time and night-night. Like I said, it wasn't an eventful day. This past week has been full of playdates and excitement so it was nice to have a more low key day.

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