Monday, June 8, 2009


Today was the first day for my Mother's Helper to come. I was so excited, but worried last night that I was going to have to cancel. I had a sore throat yesterday and still had it this morning. But I was feeling better and I really didn't want to miss out on our Gymboree class that I had scheduled. This was a "preview" class, so basically it's free and then they ask you to sign up at the end.

The girls had a blast! When we first got there they weren't quite sure what was going on, but they quickly got into the swing of things and jumped right in. Heather was a huge help too. Since I wasn't feeling 100% it was great to have her along. She got down on the floor with Maddie and tried to get her to go through some of the tunnels. She was chasing Izzie helping her find balls to pick up. It was great. The room was a big open space with lots of toys to climb, go under, go through, etc. It was mostly an "open" play concept where the kids just got to go with the flow and do what interested them in the moment. Then every 10 minutes or so, Shannon, the teacher, would introduce a new toy or movement to try. Like shakers or balls. Or everyone bang on the mats to make noise. That kind of thing. Then towards the end we got a big parachute and played around that. Maddie and Izzie weren't too sure of it at first. Especially when we threw it in the air and then everyone got under it. (It formed a big dome in the room.) Somehow Maddie got stuck outside of the parachute. So basically everyone in the entire room disappeared in front of her eyes. That scared her! I peeked out of the parachute and grabbed her in, which was just as scary. But then she thought it was fun and danced around with the other kids. Izzie wanted out. She wasn't done playing on the balance beam bridge. At the end, all the kids got stamps on their hands, feet and tummies. When it was time to go, I sang our Bye Bye song (I was afraid Izzie wanted to camp out!) but the song worked and we headed out to the car. It was a very fun morning!

The girls warmed up to Heather right away, this was before we even left for class! (Maddie, Heather & Izzie)

Izzie, Maddie and Heather, just checking out the room.

Izzie loved this balance beam/ bridge once she discovered it, she didn't want to get off it.

Maddie found this tire. After sitting in it, she tried carrying it around the room!

This was Izzie's other favorite thing. It was stairs and slides all configured together.

Of course Izzie found the Gymboree Clown and carried him around for a long while. She had him playing with her on the toys.

Maddie on the giant rocking horse.

All the kids took turns banging on this drum.


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