Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good Morning!

Good Morning everyone!!!

Maddie and Izzie first thing this morning.

Maddie already running around the room, even before breakfast! (A rare glimpse of the special Purple Bunny)

Izzie peeking around the stairs.

Maddie trying to give Izzie a good morning kiss.

And if you recognize the shirts that the girls are wearing, they wore them almost a year ago on their 6 Mo birthday. Back then they were dresses, now they look adorable with jean shorts! By the way... they are size 3 mo!

1 comment:

Tammi said...

Oh wow, they are adorable!!

How are they doing being in the same room? My twins are almost a year now and one sleeps pretty poorly. Needless to say, she is constantly waking the other up, and I may have to seperate them. I hate to, but I might have no choice. Any suggestions?

And My Katie's middle name is Elizabeth too!!