Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Giggling Twins

And when you think it's just a bad day, they go and give you a smile. This is Maddie and Izzie waking up from nap, giggling at the top of their lungs (as if that is possible?) I guess I better go and get them. Snack time's next!

I assure you, that really is giggling even though at one point it sounds like screaming.


Heather said...

Nothing like the sound of your kids laughing!!!

Seren Dippity said...

That is so precious! I could listen to their giggles all day long. I wish there were a way to set up a hidden camera in the nursery to capture what the heck was so funny. Sweet girls.


The Williams Family said...

That is so cute! :) I have that to look forward too!

Keith and Jessica said...

LOVE this! I've always refrained from videoing the fun (or screaming) going on through the monitor but this gave me proof that it will be good footage!