Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Early morning

The girls woke up almost an hour earlier than they have been. It threw me for a bit of a loop this morning. I'd pretty much gotten rid of their Pre-Breakfast snack, since they have been waking up late enough for me to be conscious to fix them a real breakfast. This morning, we reverted back to the Pre-Breakfast snack of Milk, O's and a banana. Afterwards they went off to play happily. I started making the Homemade Finger Paint that I was planning on doing this morning for my Finger Paint Party that I'm having tomorrow. In the blink of an eye they went from happy to very cranky. I looked up and thought, "Oh dear, it's only 8:30 I have a long morning ahead!"

Then I remembered that I hadn't fed them a real breakfast yet. They were probably hungry! They will sign the word for Hungry or Eat when I ask them, but they haven't identified that they are hungry on their own yet. I made them some eggs, they ate and went off to play some more. I continued working on the finger paints. Then I decided to take the girls to the park. My Wylie Mom's group was having a play date. I wasn't originally going to go, since I knew I needed to get the paint made, but I was already finished with that due to the early start, so we loaded up and away we went.

The girls got red in the sun, but after an hour back indoors the redness has faded. I think they were just flushed from the heat and running around.

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