Thursday, June 4, 2009

Click, Click

This morning, I just pulled out the camera and started clicking away. I took so many pictures that they FINALLY tuned me out and were just being themselves. I had such a good time just trying to capture them. I used my zoom a couple of times to get some close ups. Then I did try and get them to sit behind the couch so I could get a picture of them together. Out of about 10 shots, I got zero good ones. I did get one good one of Maddie and one good one of Izzie, so I put them together in one photo! (Shh, it's my little secret!)







Okay, this one of them both came out cute, Izzie is leaning over kissing Maddie.

Maddie, Izzie and Ripley.

My photoshopped photo. Maddie and Izzie.

Oh, and if the shirts they are wearing look familiar at all... it's because they are a size 0-3 dress they wore back in last August! Now, they look like cute tops with jean shorts!

Maddie and Izzie 08/08/08.

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