Monday, June 22, 2009


Mom and Chris took me and the girls out to Chiloso tonight for dinner. John is having a "guys night out." Maddie and Izzie did great at the restaurant. I brought dinner for them, but I guess I didn't really need to. They pretty much ate off of my mom and my plate. Actually I think Izzie ate more of Nana's meal than Nana did! Mom ordered something called Barbacoa which is a slow cooked beef dish. Authentic versions are made with cow cheeks or goat, but I'm not sure if Chiloso is authentic or not. Either way, both Izzie and Maddie loved it! The look on Izzie's face when we gave her a bite off Nana's fork was pure bliss. I would have thought she was eating chocolate for the first time. Her eyes lit up and she said, "UM!" So then we gave Maddie a bite. Same thing!! It was too funny. They then proceeded to eat Nana's last taco. I was sure they were going to get sick with how much they stuffed their faces tonight, but luckily that didn't happen.

We made it home and in the bath. For about a week now, right before bath time, I let both girls sit on their new potty seat. Neither girl has figured out what to do yet, but they like sitting on their seat. Actually they sort of fight over who gets to sit on it. I had to make Maddie sit on the floor and wait her turn while Izzie was on the seat because she was about to pull Izzie off. After the bath tonight I asked both girls if they wanted to try and sit on their potty again. Maddie said yes, but Izzie said no. Then we headed in the bedroom to get our new "bops" (diapers) and nightgowns on. While I was putting Maddie's diaper on, Izzie peed on the floor. Her eyes got HUGE. It's like she didn't know she was going to go pee until she did. I got her and the floor cleaned up, and got them both in bed. We were a bit off schedule but had a good evening.

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