Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bubble Bath

Some people might think that I somehow manage to capture every single moment of my girls' lives in photos. Sometimes I think that I really try. Occasionally I do miss out on an opportunity in which I think I need my camera for. I try not to feel too bad, considering the amount of photos I do have.

Today was a very, very long day. It was fun, but since John and I don't feel 100%, it was exhausting. When we got home, Maddie was very fussy. Somehow we made it to dinner and the girls ate pretty good. After dinner, I just wanted to keep the peace until bedtime with a possible bath throw in if needed. (Turned out, it was very much needed!)

The easiest way to accomplish pure happiness with my girls is to go outside. So from the highchairs, outside we marched. They played on their slide a bit, which was one of the first times that they've shown a real interest in it. They tried standing on the chaise loungers a million times. (I told them to sit a million times too.) And then, about 5 minutes before I decided it was time to go in, they found a flowerpot full of dirt. They started digging in it with gusto. Maddie was thrilled at the way the dirt turned her skin brown. She was having a blast rubbing it in. Izzie liked the way it caught in the folds of her dress so, she kept taking handfuls and sprinkling it on her clothes. This wasn't mud, so it could have been a lot messier, but it was still quiet a scene. So, yes, I wish I had had my camera with me, but I guess some moments need to be lived and not interrupted with a flash. I let them play for a bit longer than I was going to, since they were having so much fun.

Then I taught them how to "clean" up. We clapped our hands together, brushed off our clothes, dusted off our arms and stamped our feet. Then we gingerly tiptoed (yeah right) inside and straight to the bathroom. My mom was on the phone with me during the dirt episode and she suggested a bubble bath. I was so tired, I just wanted to get them clean and in bed. But then there is always that part of me that says, "Why not? It'll be fun". And it was. They loved the bubbles! "Bubbles" is one of the words they can say pretty clearly. And they said it over and over. Next time I need to make some better bubbles, as these were pretty lame, but they didn't know any different so they still had a blast! Again, I didn't have my camera(!!) but I did have my cell phone still on me, and it takes somewhat decent photos:

Maddie and Izzie

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