Thursday, June 18, 2009

17 kids, 6 Moms and a bunch of paint

Well, this morning was the big day. Early last week, I had the bright idea to host a painting party at my house and invite almost everyone I know. The guest list sort of multiplies, when you hang out with my crowd, so I did have to limit the invites. (Okay, really bad pun.) Anyway, the morning was a huge success with some unexpected failures.

I am pretty certain that 15 of the 17 toddlers that were there had a blast. The other two did not. Those two were Maddie and Izzie. Threw me for a huge loop. They've been on several playdates, they've been around huge crowds of kids at the mall, they were in their own backyard! I guess they weren't sure about all the other people in their yard? I really couldn't tell you, but Izzie started bawling and Maddie soon joined suit. Haleigh (my Mother's Helper, THANK GOODNESS she was there!!) tried helping me to get them calmed down. We tried getting them to paint and play in their new sandbox. It worked for a nanosecond and then more waterworks. I ended up taking them inside and letting them eat O's in front of the TV. I can't believe it. I resorted to food and tv, but I didn't know what else to do.

The paint was a huge success. I highly recommend the homemade paint that I made. You can find the recipe HERE. I'm glad I had the party. I wish I could have had more time visiting with the other Mom's but it was a bit chaotic chasing after all the little ones! I do hope that they all come to visit us again soon. Maybe next time Maddie and Izzie will want to play too.

Maddie playing in the new sandbox that Popo and I built. (It's a work in progress, we are going to add benches and a top to it.)

Madison "painting" her mouth... good thing the paint was made from food products!

One of Ashley's girls checking out all the art work. What a gallery we had! I stapled the paper and paper bowls to the fence.

Izzie did paint for about a minute. Here she is with Haleigh.

The Gerwer Quads came in their fancy ride. Trey, Reid, Cameron and Brady

Ashley with Lila and Zella

Maddie and Izzie in the sandbox, we were trying to stop the waterworks.

Here my girls are eating O's in the living room! and watching Signing Times with Haleigh. Sigh....

Hayden and Madison with their mom Jessica.

Ashley, Courtney (Misty's helper) Casey and Misty with lots of kids running around, painting and playing.

Some of the kids stayed around to eat lunch. We were going to do picnic style outside, but we were all a bit too hot at that point. We spread around the kitchen and it worked out great.

Brody and Findley witth their mom Kara eating lunch. I've got to get the recipe for the peanut butter balls she was giving her boys.

All in all it was a huge success. I'm so happy everyone came!


Grandma said...

Remind the girls of this day when they are 3 or 4 and ask to have friends over and you are not in the Mood! But it looks like you made major points with the kids that came...what an outing for them and their moms! Good Job!

Keith and Jessica said...

We had such a blast this morning. Thanks for all your hard work making the paints, etc! You had it all organized perfectly.

Misty said...

We had an amazing time! I cannot thank you enough for inviting us. You had it so organized and thought out. You are truly an amazing MOM! And I understand that the girls were probably overwhelmed with all of us there & in their "space"!

Thank you again soooo much!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Stumbled on your blog when I was looking for Finger Painting Party ideas! I've been wanting to do this for my daughter's birthday. Quick question...did the food coloring in the paint STAIN anything? I was going to provide t-shirts for all of the kids, but just curious if anyONE or anyTHING was stained? THANKS!