Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Morning at Grandma & Grandpas

So for a couple of days, Jackie is babysitting Lucy while Dana is doing teacher certification courses. Lucy likes swinging, but the swing Jackie has isn't made for newborns. So, I offered to let her borrow mine and it ended up being a perfect morning to let the girls visit and hang out with Grandma and Grandpa anyway.

I was telling Jackie how much they love necklaces and bracelets now. (Especially Maddie) She dug these beads and bracelets out and they had a great time with them. This is Izzie, I didn't get a good picture of Maddie with them.

Here's Lucy!

Izzie, Maddie and Grandpa... they were in the corner telling all sorts of jokes. Whatever it was was hilarious because Jackie and I heard the laughs from the other room.

Lucy, Grandma and Maddie.

Maddie Grandpa and Izzie still playing.

Good Morning!

Good Morning everyone!!!

Maddie and Izzie first thing this morning.

Maddie already running around the room, even before breakfast! (A rare glimpse of the special Purple Bunny)

Izzie peeking around the stairs.

Maddie trying to give Izzie a good morning kiss.

And if you recognize the shirts that the girls are wearing, they wore them almost a year ago on their 6 Mo birthday. Back then they were dresses, now they look adorable with jean shorts! By the way... they are size 3 mo!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Firewheel Mall Park, x2

Izzie from this morning. Her gums were hurting her so she kept chewing on her thumb.

Maddie. You can't keep the girls off these bouncies. They LOVE them.

BIG kids decended upon the park. GRR.. It's a TODDLER park. Maddie wanted to ride SO bad.

Ashley, Lila and Zella this afternoon when they came to the park with us.

I was trying to decide what to do today. I'm sure there are things that needed to be done, like picking up the clutter that has amassed in my house, or scrubbing some toilet or other, but those weren't things I wanted to do. Then it dawned on me that the sun wasn't streaming in through the windows like usual. Which made me pause and actually look closely outside. At which point I noticed the clouds. I excitedly jumped on weather.com to see if there was something other than 100ยบ plus weather forcasted. I saw that the high was only 93 with a 30% chance of rain. I saw rain on the map, but figured it wouldn't make it all the way to where we were.

Excitedly, I rushed the girls through breakfast, threw on some shoes and we headed out the door. I decided on Firewheel Park. It was so nice, there was a gentle breeze, the sun wasn't scorching and there was only a couple of other kids when we got there. Then out in the distance I saw lightening. Followed by thunder. Figuring rain was surely to arrive soon, we packed up and headed home. They had at least 15-20 minutes of running around, so that was good. We made it home and about 5 minutes later there was a deluge. The girls had fun watching the rain come down through the windows.

The morning must have worn them out, because they were tired for naptime. I put them down early, which meant that they woke up at an earlier time. So, I called my friend Ashley and since the weather was still in the low 90's (and no more rain) we decided to go back to the park. What a huge difference. It may have been only 90 something, but the humidity must have been 99.9%. I mean, it wasn't raining, but it sure felt like a sauna! We played until sweat was dripping down our backs, then headed home for dinner. All in all, it was still a good day and I'm glad we got to spnd a portion of it outside.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stop and GO!

This afternoon after naptime, Maddie had a meltdown. It was right after snack time. I had given the girls a new snack which they absolutely devoured. This is about the 3rd or 4th one of these meltdowns she's had. Usually in the afternoon after nap time, although one of them was on Friday morning. She just stands there and cries and cries. Most of the time, both of my girls are very good at expressing what they want. So, I'm not sure if she is wanting something that she doesn't know how to ask for, or if she is just so upset that communicating isn't what she's thinking about. One day, giving her big downstairs bunny did the trick. Today, John carried her around the house for a bit and eventually got her calmed down. I'd say these were temper tantrums, but usually with a temper fit you know what the kid is wanting. She just has the wracking sobs. Even Izzie gets concerned. Today she brought sissy her water, a toy and a baby. Maddie just got madder and madder. I hope I can figure it out, because it is quite perplexing at this point.

After dinner, the four of us went outside to play on the deck. It is so cool! It's just like I pictured in my head when we built the deck. I pictured little feet running back and forth, riding bikes and having fun. At one point John was laying on the chaise lounge and I was sitting on the edge of the deck. I was hoping to wear the girls out a bit, since we had a pretty low key day up to this point. I told the girls to RUN, RUN, RUN! while clapping my hands. They immediately started running up and down the length of the deck giggling all the way. Then I had the inspiration to turn it into a game. Two of the signs they already know are Stop and Go. So, I was saying, "Go, GO, GO!" Then I would yell, "Stop!"

They sorta kinda played along. They wouldn't stop in the middle of the deck, only at one of the ends for some reason. But they had so much fun, they were signing stop with me and then signing go when it was time to go. Running and giggling the whole time. Then Maddie decided she need to rest and crawled up on the second chaise lounge. Izzie ran back and forth about twenty more times. I'm glad I brought their water outside with us, because then they signed, "thirsty" and went to get their "water."

They were quite rosy cheeked when it was time to go in for their splish splash bath. Now, let's see if it actually wore them out...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Maddie reminds me of...

her Grandpa!

Lately, Maddie has really been into organization, like her Grandpa. Which I love, believe me. He's the only person I know who could tell you exactly where every thing is in his house. For some reason, her version of organization means anything that isn't hers, has to be put up where it goes. Therefore, anytime John or I leave shoes, papers, keys, etc down where she can reach them, she dutifully brings them to us to put up. A few weeks ago, we were able to have her put up our shoes and she thought it was fun. Now, she says, "no" and waits until you get up and put up your own shoes. She will put up her toys when I tell her it's time to clean up. Izzie is into the whole clean up thing too, but not as much as Maddie.

This has also manifested in another way. When Maddie's Grandpa walks through the room and sees a spot on the carpet, without thinking about it, he bends over and picks it up. Maddie does the same thing. She hands it to me and says her newest word, "yucky." If you put it in your pocket, intending to throw away the offensive bit later, she sticks out her pouty lip and says, "yucky" again. So, you must get up and throw it away. (I mean, I DO want to encourage this organization/cleaning habit!) I always tell her "thank you." She is so extremely helpful.

Especially when it comes to unloading the dishwasher or doing the laundry. Izzie is right there with sissy helping all the way, but Maddie is usually the first one to jump in. Yesterday I was trying to unload the dishwasher. I got the top partially unloaded, when Maddie starts handing silverware from the bottom. I quickly grabbed all the knives and put them up. Then one piece at a time she handed me silverware to put up. Then I helped her pull out the bottome drawer to the dishwasher. Izzie had joined us by this time. They handed me dishes, one dish at a time. I cringed when they were handling the glass, but they did great. I said thank you over and over. I couldn't load the dishwasher with dirty dishes because they didn't get that they were dirty. They handed them back to me as soon as I put them in. I had to wait until they were strapped in their highchair for a meal to load up.

Later that day, I needed to fold some laundry. They each handed me one sock at a time. Then they started handing me clothes faster than I could fold them. I quickly ran and got another laundry basket and told them to put the clothes from one basket into the other. Yay! It worked. They were "helping" me sort. Still their favorite pieces were the socks, so they got handed directly to me, instead of going in the other bin.

Hopefully I can maintain this intrest in cleaning and organization. I know it's every parents dream, and for a very select few, it follows into the teen years. Maybe I'll get lucky, I mean, it is in the genes...


Last night as John was using the last paper towel, he decided to give Maddie the empty paper towel holder. She thought that was pretty cool. Problem was...

there was only ONE empty paper towel holder. Izzie didn't realize this though. So...

Daddy gave Izzie an empty plastic bottle I had on the counter. That made her happy.

Then they both used the reflective surface of the dishwasher as a mirror. I need to put a mirror in their toy room!

Some more cute pictures from the past couple of days...

Maddie was very upset when she found her snack cups by digging in the diaper bag when I wasn't looking. They were both empty and she wasn't happy!

She LOVES trying on all of my shoes lately and has actually gotten pretty good at walking around in them.

Izzie playing with the new trains that I bought them. They love their "choo-choos!"

Izzie being silly for the camera with Teto, which is what she named Teddy.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just a Thursday

Izzie from a few nights ago. We went swimming in a pool that was given to me from one of my fellow Wylie Moms! The girls really enjoyed it. Izzie had to take a break from splashing to mow the deck.

Maddie in the pool.

We didn't do anything exciting today. We did go over to Nanna's house this morning although according to Izzie it is "Popo!" house. This morning, Izzie started out sort of fussy, but once we got to Nanna's house she was better. And let me tell you, her vocabulary was exploding today. She was saying the names of everything. Point to something and she'd tell you what it was. The newest thing that they know is Circle, Square and Triangle.

Nanna's was followed by an omelet for lunch (we had almond butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast) (I know, I'm backwards sometimes) then play & reading time followed by nap. Maddie didn't go to sleep for a full hour. That hasn't happend in a while, so I was surprised. She was upstairs making all sorts of funny noises with her mouth, quiet content. Izzie slept through all of it. But then at 4 when Izzie woke up, Maddie woke up too. She wasn't done napping though. And she cried and cried and cried. Finally snack distracted her. Then she picked up the crying after snack. We checked her over to see if there was any injuries/poo/fever/gums... nope. Finally they starting playing with a new train I bought them. Things were pretty good, and they ate a decent dinner. After dinner they were actually happy. Splish-splash in the bath time and night-night. Like I said, it wasn't an eventful day. This past week has been full of playdates and excitement so it was nice to have a more low key day.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I just spend the last 30 minutes after dinner playing with the girls in their new sandbox. It's big, we made it 6' x 4' so the girls can climb in and play hard. My question is now, how do you get them clean enough to come inside? I didn't think of that part when I had dreams of this grand sandbox. All I was thinking of was the awesome sandbox I had when I was a kid. The sandbox that was so big I could lay down and get buried in it. So, mom, did I just traipse sand through your house?

Tonight my solution was to end sandbox play about 10 minutes before time to go in, then we washed our hands and feet in a bucket of water. Then we ran around in the grass, hoping that sand particles were falling off there instead of on my carpet later. Anyone out there with any tips or suggestions, I'm all ears.

Oh, and by the way... they had a really great time playing in the sand!

One Proud Momma

I am absolutely glowing today. I'm a super duper proud Momma. I'm proud of myself and proud of my girls. We had a fantastic, super duper morning. Today I had a playdate scheduled at the mall with my Wylie Moms Group. Somehow I lost track of time and I ended up 30 minutes early to the playdate. How does someone loose track of time and get somewhere early? I'm not sure, but if anyone is capable if it would be me (or John.) So, we got to the mall and I let the girls out of the stroller and they took off playing. They did so good!! We came to this mall last week and I showed them around the play area and pretty much stayed with them. This time, they didn't need me they took off and explored and played hard. As a matter of fact, I even saw Maddie "talking" to another girl her age. She sounded kinda bossy, but not so sure on that.

Then Casey, one of the Mom's showed up and her two kids played for a bit. Then Luke, her son, wanted to ride the train. By this time we'd been there for over an hour and Maddie and Izzie were getting tired of the play area. Just as we were leaving Mary showed up with Alex. She decided to go with us to the train. I didn't have any cash on me, so they didn't get to ride the train this time, maybe next time we go.

I asked them if they wanted to eat at the mall and Casey said she was meeting a friend and her daughter for lunch at Chuy's. She then asked Mary and I if we wanted to come along. I got really brave and said yes.

I've taken the girls out to eat by myself to the mall and to San Fransico oven. (Thank goodness for those test runs!) But I've never taken them to a big restaurant by myself. I knew the stroller wouldn't work, they were going to have to walk in. So, we parked the car, and walked holding hands to the restaurant. Since there were 4 moms and 6 kids we had to wait while they set up our table. Then Maddie and Izzie held my hand while we navigated the very tight place. I got them set up and sat down to look at the menu. I had brought lunch for them, since I was planning on eating at the mall, so I started giving them bites of their lunch and a few chips from the table. (They had hummus on a tortilla, banana and fruit bar for lunch today.) They were so good!! They sat at the table quietly coloring, eating and then reading their books. I didn't get to visit too much with the other moms because it was loud and crowded and I was at the far end of the table with the girls. But I still had a good time.

We got home just in time for nap, and from the sound of things they are already asleep. Now here's to a great afternoon (I hope!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doctors Appointment - 18 Month Check Up

This morning Nana helped me take the girls to visit the Doctor. They did great, especially Maddie. She hardly shed a tear. Izzie started crying and then saw herself in the mirror crying so she started to ham it up a bit. Both girls came out a bit anemic, so back on the poly-vi-sol vitamins with iron. The doc said this was very common for toddlers because they are growing so fast that their bodies use up all the iron the eat. She says it's not an absorption problem because their levels are not that low. We also had some lovely discussion on poop. We are going to try 2% milk, then 1% milk for awhile to see if that helps some of their "issues." She said the high fat in whole milk can sometimes cause problems. Other than that, they are doing really great. She said they will be tall like their Daddy.

Official Stats:
Weight: 25.6 lbs. 50th percentile
Length: 33 1/4 " 75-90th percentile
Head 12 1/2" 50th percentile

Weight: 25 lbs. 50th percentile
Length: 33 1/8 " 75-90th percentile
Head 12 1/4" 50th percentile


A video I took at the Mall. Izzie is climbing the pepper and Maddie is in the yellow top in the background.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Mom and Chris took me and the girls out to Chiloso tonight for dinner. John is having a "guys night out." Maddie and Izzie did great at the restaurant. I brought dinner for them, but I guess I didn't really need to. They pretty much ate off of my mom and my plate. Actually I think Izzie ate more of Nana's meal than Nana did! Mom ordered something called Barbacoa which is a slow cooked beef dish. Authentic versions are made with cow cheeks or goat, but I'm not sure if Chiloso is authentic or not. Either way, both Izzie and Maddie loved it! The look on Izzie's face when we gave her a bite off Nana's fork was pure bliss. I would have thought she was eating chocolate for the first time. Her eyes lit up and she said, "UM!" So then we gave Maddie a bite. Same thing!! It was too funny. They then proceeded to eat Nana's last taco. I was sure they were going to get sick with how much they stuffed their faces tonight, but luckily that didn't happen.

We made it home and in the bath. For about a week now, right before bath time, I let both girls sit on their new potty seat. Neither girl has figured out what to do yet, but they like sitting on their seat. Actually they sort of fight over who gets to sit on it. I had to make Maddie sit on the floor and wait her turn while Izzie was on the seat because she was about to pull Izzie off. After the bath tonight I asked both girls if they wanted to try and sit on their potty again. Maddie said yes, but Izzie said no. Then we headed in the bedroom to get our new "bops" (diapers) and nightgowns on. While I was putting Maddie's diaper on, Izzie peed on the floor. Her eyes got HUGE. It's like she didn't know she was going to go pee until she did. I got her and the floor cleaned up, and got them both in bed. We were a bit off schedule but had a good evening.

The Shops at Willow Bend Mall

Today was another playdate at the mall, this time with PAMOM. These indoor play areas are awesome for the Texas heat. For some reason, last year the heat didn't get to me as much. I know I didn't get out as much, and when I did, I was usually walking the girls around the neighborhood. They were covered in the stroller and did fine. Now, they are running around and they are getting over heated easily. So, playdates indoors balances out so we don't have to be in the heat as much. Last time we went to Willow Bend Mall, I thought the girls had a good time. It was nothing compared to this time! Maddie and Izzie had a great time. I brought Haleigh along as an extra set of eyes, which with the amount of toddlers there was greatly appreciated. Both girls tried to make a run for the exit at least once. Maddie went to play and hardly looked back at me. Izzie would check to see where I was, give me a hug, and then run off to play some more. She'd get so happy that she'd just throw her head back and start clapping with glee. She was seriously have a good time!

Here is Izzie, she was so happy that she would spontaneously start clapping and smiling so big!

Izzie liked climbing on the hot pepper.

Maddie in the dinner plate.

Now she's sitting on the big steak.

Izzie and Maddie climbing on the spoon.

They both fit, sort of! (Izzie and Maddie)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Pics

When we arrived the girls sat straight down for lunch.

Here's a picture with the Dads and 1/2 of the new generation of kids. Sammy was playing on the computer and Lucy was taking a nap. Sabrina, Izzie, Maddie with Chris, Grandpa, John and Cody.

After lunch a bunch of us went swimming. Funny perspective of Sabrina and Izzie giving a high five in the pool. Maddie is at the bottom of the photo.

Sammy "hiding" with his watergun. He was out to get Dad and Uncle Cody.

Sabrina and Chris. Izzie, Momma and Maddie

Chris and Sabrina, Izzie and Momma

After swimming, I put down my camera and forgot to take any more photos. I tried putting Izzie and Maddie down for a nap, but it didn't work. The rest of the afternoon was filled with them whining/crying and I was miserable. Everyone had a good time and Jackie cooked an awesome mouthwatering roast that was devoured! We sang Happy Birthday to Nanny, who turned 87 today and enjoyed 3 desserts. The girls got a catnap on the way home and have been slightly better, but everything is still sending Izzie straight to tears. It's been a long day.
Daddy and Maddie

Happy Father's Day

(Momma, Maddie, Daddy and Izzie)

Happy Father's Day, John! We love you so much. You've been a father for 1.5 yrs now, hard to imagine, right? You are the best Daddy a little girl could want. I love watching Maddie and Izzie run up to you and say, "Daddieeeeeeeee!" now. It's just too cute. When I ask them where you are during the day, they both sign, "Daddy, work!" Sometimes first thing when they wake up in the morning they ask where you are. I tell them you are at work and they are okay with that, but when they wake up from nap and you are home, they get so excited to run down the stairs to you. I love you and I know that Maddie and Izzie both love you too!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dads and Donuts

This morning, PAMOM hosted a Dads and Donuts at the park. When the event was being planned at one of our board meetings one of the Moms asked if that meant the dads got to take the kids to the park by themselves and the moms got the morning off. We all had a good laugh and said, keep on dreaming. But it turned out to be a fun family event. There was quite a big turn out too.We were there for about an hour and then we headed over to Grandma's house to see Lucy and pick up Ripley. (Dana and Cody are in town, but they were out when we got to Jackie's house.) We stayed for lunch and then headed home just in time for nap. I left as soon as we put the girls down and went to a yoga class at the gym. Tonight we are going on a double date with Ashley and Dustin to celebrate father's day.

Daddy, Izzie and Maddie at the park.

Me and Ashley on the tire swing.

Dustin, Lila, Zella and Ashley

Izzie, Maddie, Zella and Lila

Most of the dads and their kids.

One and Half Years Old

Today is Maddie and Izzie's Half Birthday. They are 18 months or one-and-a-half-years old today. They have grown so much in the past six months since their birthday, it's just amazing. Pictures later...

Maddie's First Fashion Statement

I'm afraid it's the beginning of the end. I'm sure I'll be able to eek out a few more months of dressing my girls, maybe. Moms of boys may not get as many cute outfits as girls, but they do get to dress them forever if they so choose. Girls for the most part develop some sort of fashion sense or other and they demand the right to dress themselves at a very early age. For me, so I'm told, it was purple jeans and red cowboy boots. My mom cringed and let me walk out the door. Who knows, if she forced me to wear something that actually matched I might not be a graphic designer today. Anyway, Maddie's choice this morning is nothing to cringe at. I think little girls who wear socks with their sandals is actually cute. The thing is, SHE choose it. She made it abundantly clear that she wanted to wear these socks with these sandals this morning. What will it be tomorrow? (Or an hour from now...)

Friday, June 19, 2009


This morning the girls and I went to play in the sandbox. They loved it! I'm starting to get worried about this Texas heat and what it means as far as outside play goes. We were outside for 30 minutes and both girls got flushed to a bright red. Izzie started crying she was just so hot. We put sunscreen on and drink water, but the sun is just bearing down. We went out at 10 am when there is still a bit of shade covering the sandbox.

Izzie and Maddie



Maddie and Izzie

A little morning play

This morning I gave the girls oatmeal and let them feed it to themselves. After they were done enjoying their oatmeal, I took their nightgowns off and threw them straight in the wash. When I got them out of their highchairs they ran off to play, just wearing their diapers. They are having such a fun time running around in the diapers that I still haven't gotten them dressed yet.

Izzie putting Teddy in the stroller.

Izzie taking Teddy for a walk.

Izzie started giving Maddie kisses.

They were giggling so much!

Maddie showing off her winning smile.

Maddie putting Bunny in her stroller.

"There, that looks good."

Time for a walk!


Maddie and Izzie telling me Daddy is at work. They do the sign for Daddy and then the sign for work. This photo shows Maddie doing the sign for Daddy. (The thumb should be on the forehead, but for now she does it more on her nose.) Izzie does the sign on the side of her head.