Friday, May 29, 2009

Wisdom tooth

John is doing a terrific job of taking care of the girls today. They were really cranky this morning before I left for my dentist appointment. He even joked that he'd trade places with me. I'm sure they were just picking up on my nervousness, because he said after I left they were fine.

Mom picked me up and took me to the appointment. I think it went pretty quickly. I don't remember much. I do remember paying at the end. I know I handed my card over to the lady, but I couldn't tell you what she said I owed. So, I'd advise people to not make purchases under the influance of valium.

I had to have help out to the car because I was very wobbly. I'm not sure how I made it upstairs or if I said bye to mom. (If not, bye mom, and thanks for taking me this morning!) I must have crashed because a while later I woke up sideways on the bed. I am feeling a bit better now. Much clearer in the head, just a dull ache in my jaw.

John brought the girls up to play with me for a few minutes after nap time. They wanted to play dress up. Putting pants on their heads and trying to wear my shoes. Very cute!

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