Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a long day

Well I finally made it home with the girls. Today was a long day, very tiring day. Somehow we managed to spread our stuff up and down and across Mema's entire house. This morning we spent an hour trying to gather everything up. The entire time we were making piles, Maddie and Izzie were doing their very best to UNpile. They thought it was hilarously funny. At least they were in super moods. The morning did start off great with us all sleeping in until 8:30. The girls were in the best of spirits. They were playing very hard while Mema, Mom and I were gathering up stuff.

It didn't help that we played musical bed while there. Somehow it dawned on us that the girls would probably sleep better in Mema's room, which is off at one end of the house and a lot darker and quieter than the guest room. (Obviously we were right as they slept in for an hour longer than normal...) We normally stay in the guest room (as it IS the guest room) but it is right smack dab in the middle of the house. There is NO being quiet. So, last night we decided to move. Mom went to the guest room, Mema decided to sleep in the motor home (it's actually the quietest place.) Pepaw likes to sleep in his recliner these days and Maddie, Izzie and I slept in Mema and Pepaw's room. I think everyone got a good night's sleep with this arrangement. But I had stuff in the guest room, the guest bath, Mema's bath and Mema's bedroom. Mom had the same. I can't believe we packed everything up, and I'm sure Mema will be calling telling us what we forgot. (We got bunny, and that is the most important thing.)

We met Unka D for lunch on the way out of town and then headed to Dallas. Except we started visiting and didn't pay attention. Normally, I go through Madisonville and then hit 75 to Dallas. Well, we look up and are almost to Hearne. It's another way to get to Dallas, but not the way I'm used to. So the adventure began. Somehow, we managed to NOT get lost, but we thought we were lost anyway. We asked directions and were reassured we weren't lost. That's always good to know. Somehow we managed to hit Dallas right at traffic time. It added an hour on to our drive. The girls were being SO good for so much of the trip, but they had had it by this point. Mom and I were singing silly songs and tickling toes for the last 45 minutes trying to keep them from screaming. When we got to mom's house they had so much energy. They were running around like silly girls. I fed them, we ate and then we headed HOME. Got them in bed and unloaded the car. Catching up on emails and then I'm headed to bed early. What a fun trip!

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Rebecca said...

Staying up later doing pictures probably helped the sleeping in as well... :)