Friday, May 15, 2009

Visit with Robby

This morning my college friend Robby came to visit with his son Noah. Noah is almost 9 months old and he's such a cutie! He has the most adorable cheeks and a very cute grin. We visited for a bit and then headed out to lunch. We went to Chiloso because I knew that would be pretty easy to take the girls to. I've gone there with Mom and Chris and with John, but never without someone to help me with the girls. It turned into an adventure. I decided to take the stroller since I needed to order at the counter and then sit down. The stroller barely fit in the store. We got our food and finally got everyone seated with three high chairs. After we redecorated their dining space we had a good meal. All three of the kids were very good. Although, Maddie and Izzie filled up on their banana and didn't want much of their sandwich.

Leaving the store was another adventure. I couldn't go out the way I came in, so I had to navigate the stroller between a row of windows and a row of tables. Thankfully no one was at that row of tables because I literally had to move each table over about 2 inches to get the stroller by. I'm glad that Robby isn't easily embarrased, because we were quiet the scene leaving the place. I overheard someone talk about "John & Kate +8" a reality show with a family and their twins and sextuplets. Of course people thought we were a family. I made it outside with everyone and everything intact though. And I think I might have managed to scare Robby off of having any more kids, ever.

I forgot to mention that to him that this was the girls on a GOOD day. Everything did go "smoothly" it's just there are two of them. And everything takes longer to set up. He didn't need a stroller, he didn't have to get two highchairs down. He didn't have to get out two bibs, two table mats, two sippies, etc. It was so funny when I asked him a question about raising a "singleton." He couldn't believe I used the word "singleton" in a sentence. I told him I was hanging out with Mom's of Multiples too much! We had a good visit, it was just too short. We talked all about our kids and didn't even reminisce about college once.

Maddie locking Izzie in the play room. Or is it Izzie keeping Maddie out?

When we got home from lunch, I gave the girls their sippies and told them to put them in the fridge. They do this after almost every single meal. Here's Izzie putting up her milk.

Maddie sat her milk on the shelf and then helped close the door.

We all miss Daddy. He's been in Chicago since Tuesday, but comes home this afternoon! Maddie called him on the "phone." I heard her walking around saying, "DaddEE, DaddEE!" It's actaully a toy remote control but they use it as their phone.

And finally a picture of Robby with Noah. He gave me the cutest grin! He was such a good boy and I'm so glad I finally got to meet him. Robby was also a great dad. You can tell that Noah really loves him.

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