Saturday, May 23, 2009


John has this week off for a "Stay-cation" that is what they are calling it when you take a vacation from work but don't go anywhere for vacation. We do have some loose plans. John wants to spend one evening with a Guy's Night Out. They intend to watch some sport, hockey or the basketball finals I suppose. We plan to go to Muenster to visit Cody, Dana and Lucy one day. Hopefully they can go to the farm and pet goats or some other animal. We might wrangle up a babysitter and have a date night/afternoon. As for around the house, this time we don't have any projects planned. One day, I hope to stain the boards to make the girls a sandbox. They have been left outside so they are saturated with all the rain water we've been having lately.

As for the girls, we've just been doing our usual. We all went to the park this morning. They totally love the swings. More than anything else. I think we really need to get a swingset for our backyard! They would stay in it forever. Then I'd need what every single parent wishes could get invented. An automatic swinger-system. Then I'd have it made.

Both girls have been challenging their boundaries/rules the past couple of days. That means a whole lot of NO's and redirection. Izzie has taken to climbing on her little table. Maddie's favorite thing to challenge is touching my cookbooks and John's novels. Yesterday they got into my wine glass cabinet and broke two wine glasses. Luckily no one was hurt. They've never touched the cabinet and in one day they figured out how to open it and pull out all the wine glasses. I was upstairs at the time and I hear a, "NO, NO, NO, no!, nooooooooooo!" from John. I run downstairs to figure out what the heck is going on. Everything turned out okay, and I don't think they will mess with the cabinet for a while after Daddy's reaction.

Today they are on their fourth outfit. This morning they were in their nightgown and I gave them cottage cheese for breakfast. That was a big mess. We changed into our outfits for the day (or so I thought.) I gave them Macaroni and Cheese for lunch. They took a bath in the cheese. So, I gave them a bath in my bathtub. It was time for nap at that point, so I just threw a clean nightgown on them. When they woke up, I didn't want the nightgown to get dirty (it's the last clean one I have) so I put them in big t-shirts (size 3T.) They are now running around looking like little orphans.

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