Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rainy Day activites

After nap time today, the skies opened up and it started pouring. Literally pouring down rain. Luckily, I got home just in time to miss it, since I was out shopping while the girls were napping. The plan was for Grandma and Grandpa to come over and visit, but since the storms looked so nasty they decided to postpone.

So, I decided it was a great day to try out the homemade play-doh that I made. I emailed Jean, a fellow art lover who does a ton of crafts on her blog The Artful Parent for a good recipe. My first batch came out okay, we were able to play with it, but it was a bit on the oily side. Also, I want to add a whole lot more food coloring next time for a more vibrant product. Overall, though, it was the right texture and consistency and the girls had fun. Before we began I told the girls that they could not put it in their mouths or it would go bye-bye. Then I showed them how to play with it. I gave them some to play with and they had a good time. Maddie just stared at it at first, not quiet sure what to do, but then she really got into it when I made some balls for her.

When they got tired of the playdoh, I pulled out their colors. We've done this a couple of times and they are really starting to get good at making marks on the pages.

Maddie not so sure of the playdoh.

OH! BALL! (Maddie)

Izzie made a handprint right away.

Izzie coloring with enthusiasm.

Maddie coloring and making funny faces for the camera.

Izzie's art work.

Maddie's art work.

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The Artful Parent said...

Glad you had fun! The pics are great...