Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rainy adventure

I really needed to get to the grocery store this morning. I mean, when we run out of milk and bananas the whole world comes to a crashing stop in the eyes of a toddler. The forcast said rain and thunderstorms. I didn't want to take the girls to Target in the pouring rain. Why, taking them to my mom's house made more sense, I'm not sure. Excpet that getting them out of the car and into mom's house one by one (with umbrella) is easier than running from the car to the store while carrying two toddlers and no umbrella (need that third hand!) She offered to come here to watch them, but I knew they would have more fun at Nana's house than their own.

So, I dropped them off at 9:30. It was only raining lightly at this point. Then I head to Target and the sky opened up. I was thinking to myself, "What am I doing??" But I pressed on. By the time I got to Target, it was down to a drizzle again. I got my shopping done, went home, unloaded the groceries and then went back out to pick up Maddie and Izzie. By now it was definitely their lunch time. I made them a quick lunch of chik nuggets, boca burgers, rice-peas & carrots-pancakes and cheese. They ate every bit of it. After lunch they played by themselves in the toy room and I straigtened up the kitchen a bit. Now they are down for nap, and I've got to start working on the PAMOM newsletter. I've got some articles trickling in and have just barely started a design for the newsletter.

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