Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick entry

Today was one of those really long fun days. It started out with the girls and I going over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the morning Dana and Lucy were in town, so I got some cuddles with little Lucy. She's so precious! Maddie and Izzie gave her a bunch of kisses. While at Grandma's house the girls learned how to go down the little wooden slide that she has. Maddie especially loved that.

On the way home they fell asleep in the car, but they actually took a somewhat decent nap when we got home. After nap, I put them in their swimsuits and we played in the water hose in the backyard. That's where we were when John came home from work. We were all hanging out on the back porch when Chris called. Mom and him just ordered a new TV and he needed John to help him move it. (The girls loved playing in the box that the TV came in.) Spontaneously, I decided we should all go. Once we were there and playing at Nana and Popo's house we got hungry and decided to go to Spring Creek Bar-B-Q for dinner. Izzie loved the Bar-B-Q, Maddie ate a PB sandwich. After dinner it was home to play for a bit, bath and then night-night. I met a friend for a yoga class and afterwards we went to Whataburger. She hadn't eaten dinner and I just went to visit with her. Now, it's way past my bed time and I'm headed up to sleep. It was a very jam packed fun day.

(Yes, I took pictures, no I haven't sorted them yet, so I'll post pics tomorrow!)

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