Thursday, May 28, 2009

One hour.

This morning John took the girls shopping. John isn't much of a shopper, but when I suggested he could take them to Fry's, a huge electronic/computer super store, the idea sounded a bit better. I was hoping he'd take them to the park too, but wasn't going to push my luck. When he left, I wasn't sure what to do first. A nap came to mind, but that would feel like wasted time. My art room, was my next thought, but after my last project I left it in disray, so it needs to be tidied up before I can start my next project. Then I thought of finishing up the PAMOM newsletter, I just have a handful of corrections I need to do before I have to send it out. But I'm tired of working on it and didn't want to spend my precious hour on it.

I finally settled on cleaning the kitchen. No, it isn't what I WANTED to do, but it most definitely NEEDED to be done. I won't describe the state of my microwave. My mema would shudder to see it. It is now a sparkling jewel. I cleaned out some old canisters that had food in them from when we probably moved into the house. I'm giving them a new home to someone in my local Freecycle group. Obviously I wasn't using them, and they aren't worth much, maybe 3 bucks for the set in a garage sale.

Then I tackled "The Corner." Some people have junk drawers. I hate junk drawers. I hate junk corners, but I guess if you don't have a junk drawer, the junk ends up somewhere. In this case it was a corner of my kitchen counter. It is amazing to finally see the counter top in that corner. I think I'm going to go ballistic if any thing touches that counter space for the next week or so.

I was just about to attack the spice jars (they need to be individually wiped off) when I hear a knock on the front door. Apparently I locked my husband and kids out. I have to admit, it did cross my mind to pretend I was napping and not answer....

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