Monday, May 18, 2009

Official Board Member

I'm officially part of the PAMOM 2009-2010 Board as the Newsletter Editor. We'll, actually it's been official since April, but last night was my first Board Meeting, so it felt more official then. The incoming board met with the outgoing board to hand over new info and so that our club has as smooth transition as possible. I had already met with the old Newsletter Board member, Kelly and it's a good thing too. For the past week I've been getting a trickle of newsletter emails come in and having already met with Kelly I knew how to deal with them. Unfortunately, she couldn't come last night, but I got a chance to talk to the different committees and get info for the paper, so it was still very productive.

One interesting thing I observed is that people are suited for the jobs they sign up for. Newsletter is one of the more time consuming board potions that takes a lot of organization. Several ladies came up to me and said that they were glad I took the job, and that they could not see themselves in my position ever. Which is just as good, because I wouldn't want to do some of the jobs they signed up for. For instance the fundraiser position. There is no way, in a million-billion years would I sign up for a job that had me calling people and asking for money or donations. But, our fundraiser lady already had several great ideas to get people to give us money! I love how our organization is all volunteer. Some of the Moms have full time jobs, some are stay at home moms. Everyone bans together to produce some awesome fun, support and education too. The guest speakers at our general meetings have taught me lots of great things to help me become a better mom and person.

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