Monday, May 4, 2009

Off schedule

What a very long day today has been. This morning the girls weren't feeling very well. They weren't feeling super bad, but borderline. Just a bit cranky and they looked tired. I was thinking to myself, there is no way I'm going to make it until 1 before naptime. It was 10 am, and I decided to put them to bed. Yes, I deviated from THE schedule. (I still laugh at myself, I never knew I'd be a schedule mom.) Izzie went right to sleep and Maddie followed about 10 minutes later. Who knew... sometimes you just go with that Mommy instinct. They ended up sleeping for almost 2 hours.

During that time I mostly was up in the art room. My cat, Travis, came to visit me and I pet him and loved on him a bunch. He's not doing well and I had an appointment to take him back to the vet at 4 today.

When the girls woke up, they looked like they were feeling worlds better. Their noses were still drippy, but not as bad as in the morning. Chris, Mom, the girls and I went to lunch and then poked our head into a nearby fabric store. I scored some cute little metal labels for my herb garden. The girls had fun running the fingers through the fabric as the stroller rolled on by.

John had to work late so he wasn't home in time for me to take Travis to the vet. Chris watched the girls, and Mom went with me to the vet. They are keeping Travis overnight. He was dehydrated and losing weight. I left his lovey with him (he's the only cat I've ever known to have a lovey.) I hope he does well, he's such a sweet kitty.

Well I've got to get some dinner for the girls. Luckily they are feeling better right now and full of energy. It'll be interesting to see if they make it to bed time before crashing.

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