Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Gifts

I spent more than a few naptimes working on Mother's Day gifts for my Mother-in-law and my Grandma-in-law. I love how these bags came out. The tote I made for Jackie is reversible with 4 pockets. For Grandma I made an eye glass case and a change/make-up purse. Somehow I got the impression that Grandma wanted the bag more than her gift, but I still think she liked it!

I love the fabric I picked out for the bag. It's cotton, but it has a very silky feel to it. Even though I'm not one to normally like floral, I can't decide if I like the floral or the striped side the best! The faux leather straps gave me a ton of trouble. I did not like working with that material. I think they turned out okay, but next time, I think I'd use something different.

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Grandma said...

We both love them!!! I can't wait to use my tote bag. It is really beautiful and will be so useful especially on trips! Also, with 5 grandkids now, I will need to carry those"grandma surprises" all the time. You did fabulous work and are so talented. Lots of love went into these gifts. You are not my are one of my daughters!