Sunday, May 31, 2009

Morning in Muenster

Today we went to Muenster to visit Dana, Cody and Lucy. We had a good time. After we got there and fussed over Lucy a bit, we went out to Cody's family farm where the girls got to see and pet goats. They were signing the word for Goat and saying "goat" over and over. They were so excited. Cody caught some of the baby goats for them to pet, and both girls went right up to them with no problems. They didn't like Patches the farm dog. He gave Izzie a lick across the face and she started crying. After petting goats we washed up and then they had a picnic on a mini-size picnic table. Then we jumped into Cody's truck and he drove us through the pasture where the girls got to look at cows RIGHT outside of the window. Moo! Moo! Moo! We heard over and over from Maddie and Izzie. Back at Dana's house we relaxed and visited awhile. Charlotte (Cody's Mom) stopped by and got to see the girls for a few minutes. We were all thinking they would sleep all the way home because they were so tired, but we were all wrong. They slept for maybe 20 minutes of the 1.5hr drive. At least they were happy the whole time.

Pictures, out of order...

Izzie petting one of the goats while Cody holds him.

Izzie sleeping on the way home.

Maddie eyeing the goat. (She pet him too.)

Maddie sleeping on the way home, with Purple Bunny.

Here I am holding a 3 day old goat!

Maddie and Izzie had a blast rolling Dana's big exercise ball around the house.

Here I am holding Lucy.

Cody holding Lucy.

Dana holding Lucy.

Sweet Little Lucy.

Maddie and Izzie on their picnic.

What a perfect size table!

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Grandma said...

We have the cutest grankids! Sounds like a fun day. Thanks for the pictures!