Monday, May 11, 2009

Morning Adventure

This morning Mema, Mom and I got the girls loaded up in the car to go to a local antique store. On the way home we planned on stopping by the grocery store to get bananas and milk. Well, when we finally all got ready and loaded in the car and got to the store, it was closed. We were all very disapointed. With all of the effort it took to get us up and ready we didn't want to turn around and head home. We went to a book store instead to shop around. We got in and were looking around and Mema said she wasn't feeling well. Apparently she forgot to take one of her pills and needed something to eat so she could take her meds. Right next to the bookstore was a Subway restaurant, and it was lunch time anyway. So, we decided to grab a bite to eat.

Somehow, eating at that Subway turned into an ordeal. It was fun, but it wasn't a "quick" bite to eat. The girls turned their noses up at the tuna fish (but they gobbled the yogurt.) The radio in the store was broken, but instead of turning it off, the manager just had static playing at full blast. We got out of there and walked down to the grocery store at the other end of the shopping center. Like I said, we needed bananas, milk and also eggs and bread. The basics. This was a huge mega-grocery store and we had a broken cart. We were quite the scene, Mema pushing the twins in the stroller and me trying to steer a broken grocery cart. Mom stayed out in the van to get it cooled off. We were asking people all over where the different items were so we wouldn't have to go over the entire store. Somehow we made it out of there. There was even a chinese restaurant in the grocery store. This is in Bryan, Texas too! (Small town...)

On the way home, we were doing everything we could to keep Maddie and Izzie awake. We need them to take a decent nap this afternoon so that they will be happy for pictures with Unka D this evening. If they take a 5 minute snooze in the van, they think they've had a nap for the day. We were singing and clapping and looking quite the fools driving home. I'm sure we provided some entertainment for passing drivers!

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