Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kitchen Wall

I bought some new shelfs for my kitchen. The girls have a little table that they can do coloring, playdoh, reading, etc. at and I wanted to be able to keep supplies close at hand and neatly. I bought the tall shelf, thinking to hang it horizontally above their table. Well, my light switch was in the way and the shelf is so heavy, I was worried it wouldn't work. So, while I was figuring it out, I set it up next to a brown shelf that had my cookbooks on it. All of a sudden I had a vision. I really liked it. But, the brown shelf had to go, plus my cook books were seriously on overflow. So, I bought the smaller shelf and put it together this morning. Now, I love it! The wall looks great and organized.

1 comment:

Dana Lynne said...

love the shelves! where did you find them? great job ;)