Saturday, May 16, 2009


The girls have really been into hats lately. Well, they like most dress up, such as necklaces, braclets and shoes. But this morning was all about hats. Mema bought the girls some pink cowgirl hats that they have been wearing around. Izzie was was walking around with a bucket on her head, saying "hat."

Before naptime, I told John to come in the pit and play with us. He came in and I put a BlockHawk on his head. The girls loved that. I told them Daddy had a funny hat! These are plastic blocks that have a small hole in them. If you squeeze the block you can get enough suction to make it stick to your skin for a few seconds. It was quite the look! The best part was taking them off. Izzie has started to count. She said one, two & three (more like wa, ta, tee) as we took the first three blocks off Daddy's head!

Maddie and Daddy with his Block Hawk.

John pretending he isn't amused. I know he thought it was funny though!

Izzie with her cow girl hat. One of their best expressions right now is to throw their hands in the air and say, "What?" or "Where is it?" They only say the "W" sound right now.

I think this pic of Izzie is so cute!

Maddie looks like a real cowgirl here!


Sarah said...

I love the block head, that is really funny! Your girls are adorable.

Allison said...

My Anna loves hats too! She tries to make anything into a hat...clothes, blankies, etc. And she likes to look at herself in the mirror with them on. So funny!