Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

More water play. I think we need a rule that the water stays IN the bucket, but I don't see that actually happening anytime soon.

I got this slide from my local Freecycle group. If you haven't joined Freecycle you should! It's a great way to get rid of the things you don't want and get things in return. The idea is to avoid filling up the landfills and recycle! I'm sure the lady who gave me this slide could have gotten $20 -30 for it, but she passed it on to me for free and I will one day pay it forward. It's an awesome program.

Yesterday, Mom, Chris, the girls and I went to lunch and then to check out a little antique store. Since I knew that my double stroller would not fit in the narrow isles, I borrowed a single stroller from my next door neighbor. I already had one that I picked up for $10 somewhere along the line. I think I might get another one. It was so easy to flit around the store with a tiny push, and since I had people with me, it worked out fine. I remember once at an early PAMOM meeting when I was still expecting, that one of the Mom's said that she had 5 strollers. I thought, at the time that was insane! Now, I can see how those strollers could possibly stack up...

The cutest part was that Izzie and Maddie looked to their left and right trying to find "Sissy." So, we wheeled them in front of each other and they GIGGLED and giggled, pointing and saying, "Izzie!" Which is what they call each other. They haven't learned Maddie yet, and they are both Izzie. Even though Maddie knows her own name, and Izzie knows hers. When you ask, "Where's Sister?" They point to each other and say, "Izzie!"

Last year on Memorial Day I had a big party. This year, I didn't even think about it. Well, I did, but it was too late to do anything about it. So, we are just taking it easy. John actually has the guys over for D&D, so I guess none of them had big plans either. I did take the girls over to my Mom's house this morning since my sister was in town. They got to play for a bit before naptime.

Now, I'm just plodding along on my PAMOM newsletter and the girls are sleeping. Running spell check on the newsletter was horrendous since there are so many names in the paper. Now days, there are so many spellings of so many names that the spell check hiccuped on each and every one of them. I made it through, but I think my eyes might be permanently crossed!

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