Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Grandma & Grandpa

Grandpa and Izzie reading a book

Maddie and Izzie

Jackie and Tom came to visit this morning. A few weeks ago, they bought some furniture and toys for the girls at a sale and they wanted to bring them over. We'd been trying to get together for a few days, but things kept popping up. So finally, this morning they were able to come for a visit. It was good timing, since I needed some company. I'm not sure I was the greatest company, though.

Anyway, it was very cute. When Tom brought in the table and chairs, the girls knew they were for them. Maddie and Izzie both sat at the table right away. I gave them some colors and the table was perfect. My sis-in-law gave me some cabinets she was finished with. The girls liked opening and closing them and putting toys in them. They also got a highchair and crib for their babydolls, but I need to assemble them.

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