Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The end of highchairs?

Not quite. But apparently while my Mom was watching the girls for me this morning she decided to let the girls eat lunch at their table. As she was leaving she told me she took some pics of the girls, so I didn't know that they ate at their big girl table until I opened my pics. I had actually thought about trying this, but decided not to. Since I usually give them lunch and then come check my email or whatever; I didn't want to have to watch them and make sure they stay at the table and not get food all over the house.

I've found that by not hovering over the girls when they eat breakfast and lunch they tend to eat better. I am usually in the kitchen with them at breakfast, but I'm cleaning and not paying too much attention to them. Lunch I check my email. I of course listen out for them. At dinner we have a sit down family meal. I'm sure they had fun with Nana. And I'm sure they got a kick out of eating at the table. They love that table.

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Allison said...

My mom has one just like this at her house and my trio loves it too. They look so big sitting up there! But I told her she needed to get another chair. :)