Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daily life

Maddie digging into the Pizza we had for dinner. She loved it!

Izzie playing video games with Daddy.

Daddy corrupting the children. They are sitting on the couch watching The Simpsons!!!! Of course it only kept their attention for about 5 minutes, but still...

Izzie rocking her baby.

Maddie trying to decide what kind of trouble she should get into next.

Today was a good day of just hanging around the house. I did make an emergency run to Target first thing since we almost ran out of diapers. Nevermind that about an hour after I got home from said run, I found half a pack of diapers under the stairs closet. Such is life. The store run did give me an excuse to buy some yummy fresh mozzarella so I could make Homemade Pizza for dinner tonight.

But, other than that, we just hung around the house. I'm not sure that I accomplished much, but since John is home on vacation, I'm sort of taking a vacation too. Although, some chores just have to continue! We did lay up in bed during nap time and catch up on some shows that were in the DVR. That was so relaxing!

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