Sunday, April 5, 2009


The little lady herself. Sabrina on her first birthday!

One candle for you sweetheart!

Maddie reading a book, Sammy playing with his train.

On the way home, I looked back in the backseat and Maddie was giving her bunny some water. It was SO precious!!! Izzie copied her with elephant, but I didn't take the picture fast enough.

On the way home the girls were tired! They stayed awake for most of the drive home, and then crashed when we put them in their cribs. Not one little peep from them.

It's been another busy couple of days. But I like that. I'm a go-go kind of person and I like to look back at the end of the day and feel like I accomplished a bunch of stuff.

Friday I took the girls to Sam's Club, which is a big wholesale store. They love going there because their carts are big and have double seats in the front. Perfect for twins. I like going to Sam's because I can get a lot of things in bulk, but the downside to that is trying to store it all. So, basically it got unloaded to the dining room table and sat there for a few days.

Since there are lots of things one does not want to buy in bulk, on Saturday morning I went to Target. I do most of my grocery shopping there for the convenience. So, I came home and added all of that to the mess that was already on the dining room table. I didn't have time to put it away, since we had plans to plant a tree. We've been meaning to do the tree for the past few weekends (or years, whichever...) and I wasn't delaying that for one second longer. Tree got planted, check!

Then I had to make a dish to bring to Sabrina's birthday party. Which, even though I'd been to two grocery stores in the past two days, I completely forgot about. I called my mom and asked... what am I going to make??? She said, well, what did you buy a lot of? I said, green beans and tomatoes. She said, well then make that, it'll go well with ham. (Julie, that's how that dish got decided!) It turned out to be a great choice, everyone loved it. So, pot luck dish got cooked... check!

Right about this time, the girls were waking up from nap, I had to feed them dinner get them beautified, and out the door to Sabrina's 1st Birthday Party. We had a lot of fun. Sabrina had fun digging into her cake. Izzie had fun opening Sabrina's presents. Maddie enjoyed reading Sabrina's books. It was a good time all around.

This morning I tackled the mountain of bulk goods that was my dining room table. John helped by sorting all the canned goods. The girls enjoyed playing with all the empty boxes. Then Jackie, Tom, Dana and Cody came by to say hi to the girls. They played with them for a while. When they left, Maddie and Izzie were very sad. They are now at the age where they don't want Grandma's and Grandpa's to go bye-bye!

Right now, the girls are sleeping peacefully, John is over playing D&D at Chris's house this week. I was up in the art room making a mini-me bag for the girls out of the scraps from my big bag. I worked on it until I hit a snag, and then I put it down. I get so mad when I mess up and have to rip a seam. Grrr.

Tonight, over to mom's house for dinner. Should be fun. The girls love going going going, just like their Mama.

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