Thursday, April 23, 2009

Visiting Cousin Lucy

I took the girls to the hospital to visit their cousin Lucy for the first time. This was Izzie and Maddie's first time to see a baby so small. When they saw her they stared in amazement at the wiggly baby doll that Grandma was holding. They both starting signing the word "doll." I handed them their dolls and they carried them around the room for a bit. After investigating the room, they both checked out Grandma holding Lucy. Izzie didn't want anything to do with her, but Maddie climbed up beside Grandma and rocked her baby while Grandma rocked Lucy.

When I held Lucy they both got a bit jealous with Izzie getting pretty upset. It was time for Lucy to get some tests done, so I walked the girls down to see Dr. Watkins who delivered all the babies in our family. She hadn't seen them since they were just a few months old, so it was fun for her to see them again. Then I went to visit a bit more with Dana. We took some pictures of Lucy and then I fed the girls lunch. On the way home they fell asleep in the car almost immediately. They were so sleepy when we got home I tried putting them up in their cribs. They haven't gone back to sleep but they are playing and talking quietly.

Maddie, Grandma and Lucy

The girls had to make sure that Grandma had TWO babies. That is what they are used to. They let her hold one of their babies.

Izzie and Maddie see Lucy for the first time.

Precious baby Lucy Jane.

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Allison said...

Oh she is precious, I love newborns! Nothing like that cry!