Monday, April 20, 2009

Visit from Mema, Pepaw, Mary and Trudy

Yesterday, my Mema, Pepaw, Aunt Mary and Aunt Trudy came to Dallas for a visit. Mary and Trudy are from Alabama and they were in Texas visiting Mema and Pepaw. Aunt Mary is Mema's sister and Trudy is her Sister-in-Law. We went over to my Mom's house for dinner last night and got to visit for a while. Of course, at 6:45 pm we packed up and went home to take the girls to bed. (I know, I'm such a stickler to the schedule!) When I got home I was planning on going to the gym. But then I decided I wasn't finished visiting! Instead of the gym, I went back over to Mom's house and joined in the visit. Mema played with my hair for about an hour which I loved. I got to be the "grandbaby" again! Mary and Trudy followed me home and spent the night at my house.

This morning we all got up and met up for breakfast. It used to be this little place called L&L's but apparently it got bought out and has a new name. The same menu though (with some new interpretations on the food.) The girls had a grand ole time mostly watching another little boy that was there. They were very patient since it took close to an hour to get our breakfast order! After breakfast we went next door to this little shop/coffee shop/antique store. Mema and Pepaw bought Maddie and Izzie a stuffed dog and cat. Then Mary picked up a dog that looked like Ripley (our dog.) Maddie started hugging it and kissing it! Then Izzie wanted one. Mary decided she wanted to get the stuffed animals for Maddie and Izzie, but Maddie wouldn't let go long enough to let her pay for it. It was really cute.

Also, I finally finished the dresses I've been working on for the girls. They got to model them today. I love the way they look on them!

Then we we came back home for a bit to visit for a little longer until it was time for them to hit the road. It was a very busy morning with lots of fun and excitment.

Aunt Mary reading Maddie a book last night.

Mary and Maddie, Izzie and Trudy.

Izzie and Trudy.

Mema and Maddie

Mary, Me and Trudy.

Izzie, Maddie, Mary, Trudy and Mema.

Mema, Pepaw, Chris and Nana

Happy 16 Months girls! Here are the dresses that I've been working on! I finished them up and they came out so cute. Maddie and Izzie.

This is what the back looks like (Maddie)

Izzie and Maddie running in the yard.

I love this photo! I wish the sun wasn't quite so bright. It's just so hard to get them together these days, you have to take what you get.


TwinHappyJen said...

LOL... I know what you mean about having a hard time getting them together for a shot. I kinda miss the days when I could just lay them down next to each other and snap away :-p Now, it's such a coup when I get a good one of them together!

Your girls are adorable, btw!!

Amanda said...

It's especially frustrating when I'm trying to show off an outfit! Plus, I want to see both their faces in one frame... hardly ever happens!

Allison said...

Cute dresses! Ok tell me, do your girls like the bean bags? We've been looking some chairs to get. Can't decide what to get. :)

Amanda said...

If I had the money, I'd SO buy two of the Pottery Barn chairs that look like big people chairs. I've heard HUGE raves over them. The bean bags are fun, the girls like crawling on it, but it doesn't seem to satisfy their chair needs. They are constantly looking for a chair their height. They turn over bins and sit on them a lot of times.

Kara Ross said...

THose dresses are ADORABLE!!! Love the criss cross back!!! I'm so impressed that you have time to do that!!! I got a new sewing machine but I never have enough time to even learn how to use it!!! I think I'll be sewing for my grandkids!!! ;)