Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shop til you drop

This morning was a shopping day for me. John was a sweetheart and watched the girls all morning. I went to Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, Hancock Fabrics and Kohl's. I can't believe four stores in one morning, I haven't done that since before the girls were born. I only went to Big Lots because it's right between Hancock Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. I actually scored a really cool outdoor picnic blanket that zips up into a portable bag. I bought some awesome fabric to make more clothes for the girls. I love homemade toddler dresses. I cannot get enough of them. I actually was able to finish one dress during naptime today. It was a simple pattern, but very cute.

This afternoon John and I took the girls to another local park to try out. It wasn't as cool as some we've been to, but it wasn't bad. The girls liked that they could climb on the slide themselves. Maddie really likes the slide. There was a birthday party going on at the park too, so we didn't stay too long.

Maddie, Izzie and Daddy.



Maddie is obsessed with climbing IN anything that might hold her. Baskets, buckets, wagons, boxes, you name it. Izzie usually follows suit, but just as a copy cat. The climbing in thing is ALL Maddie.

Izzie reading a book.

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Julie said...

She learned it from Sabrina! She nests in everything - she started with that little table you gave her, throwing off the lid and climbing right inside. They must think they're hens roosting. Oh my gosh - they're Peeps!