Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Izzie has learned to "Smile" on command when I get out the camera. I don't know what made her figure it out. I don't usually call out, "Smile!" when I take a picture. But this morning I was really trying to get a picture with both girls in the same frame. (I'm getting more and more impressed when my friends with quads get a picture with all four kids in the picture!) I kept telling the girls, "Stand 'here' so I can take a picture of you together!" Izzie gave me this funny face. Then I realized she was smiling for the camera. So I told her to SMILE! and she did it again and again.

The whole point of the picture exercise was to get them with their purses/bags/totes on that I made for them that match the tote that I made for myself. They did like them. For some reason, after putting them on, they both ran and grabbed their baby strollers and started pushing them around the house. I guess they see me with my bag when I have the stroller out? Then Maddie figured out that she could carry one of her books in her bag and that made it even cooler.

Izzie's smile.

Izzie and Maddie pushing their strollers.

Maddie having fun with her new bag.

Maddie carrying her baby to put it in the stroller.

Izzie pushing her "baby" in the stroller. (Notice, how she had me put a bib on it.)

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