Monday, April 13, 2009

Pump It Up Jr.

This morning one of my Mom's groups met up at a place called Pump It Up Jr. It's an indoor bounce house place. The girls had a good time after they warmed up. At first they were just a bit freaked out. Jackie and I took them through an obstacle course bounce house. That was a lot of fun, and they both enjoyed it. One of the bouncies was like a big cave. When you were in the cave it was really loud because of the air whooshing about. Neither girl liked it at all! We got out of there. They actually had more fun just running around the big room and pushing each other on the one little car. I think the place is more suited for 4 and up. They had a good time, but didn't really appreciate the bounciness.

Part of my Mom's group.

Sliding down with Izzie.

Grandma sliding down with Maddie

Izzie pushing Maddie

Maddie pushing Izzie.

Grandpa and Maddie

Grandma was worn out by the end. Maddie is checking up on her.

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Julie said...

Bouncies = inflated. Grandmas = deflated. Spot the problem.