Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Lately, I've started up my projects again. I used to do projects all the time. Whether it was sewing, painting, mosaic-ing, or some other craft of the moment. Then I got pregnant and was to tired to do much. Then I had the girls and I was too busy AND tired to do much crafting. Now that the girls are getting a bit older (and sleeping better) I've had a bit more time. So, I've started airing out the craft room. This past 2 years it's been a kitty-cat room/ present wrapping room only. I've started to uncover old (but not forgotten) projects that got left behind. Instead of jumping into something huge, I've started small with a few little totes, that you've seen. Nothing super complicated, just flexing my crafting muscles.

Today I got brave. I peeped at a project that I started eons ago. A quilt for my sister-in-law out of her old Beatles t-shirts. She assured me that there was no deadline (and I took her very literally.) I started the project BT (before twins.) So, now I have a bunch of squares cut out and no memory of the original plan. Today, I went up to the craft room and bravely approached the pile of Beatles shirts. (Sorry, Julie... they sort of have a bunch of cat hair on them, I'm sure it'll wash off in the laundry...) Let's just say that I didn't get too far. I sorted through a few squares, taking inventory. Then I got overwhelmed. But, it was just enough to get me excited too. Without any promise of a date of delivery, just know that your quilt is going to be worked on again.

The other big project that I have on the schedule is a teddy bear for my other sister-in-law Dana. I always make a teddy bear out of the bridesmaid dress when I'm invited to participate in a wedding. I then give it to the bride on her first anniversary. This time, I'm going to be a little late on the delivery. This project is a little bitter-sweet. I was so excited to stand in Dana's wedding, but didn't get the chance. I got put on strict bedrest 2 days before the wedding. The bridesmaid dress is hanging in the closet with a bump for my belly. It'll be hard to cut into a dress I never got to wear, but I know the bear will be special. It'll be a little of me in her wedding memories, even though I didn't get to be there physically.

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David, Wendy, Alaina, and Leo said...

The teddy bear idea is awesome! I would love to see a picture of one of your teddy bear projects if you have pictures.

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