Sunday, April 5, 2009

Piano Lesson

Maddie and Izzie playing a tune.

Like this Nana??

When it was time to go home, we told the girls to pick up their toys and tell them bye-bye. Here I am directing Maddie and Izzie to put their toys in their toy basket that Mom has for them.

I went over to mom's house with the girls for dinner tonight. John was going to join us, but he had to stay home from a migraine headache. Anyway, we were just hanging out, having fun, when my Mom decided to sit the girls at the piano and show them how to push the keys. Izzie really got into it. Maddie thought it was cool for a minute and then she was "all done." But Izzie, we couldn't pull away from the piano once she started. Even after she was playing with other toys for awhile, she'd run back to the piano and want me to sit her back up on the bench. When Maddie saw Izzie playing, then she too wanted to play. They both enjoyed it. Mom enjoyed showing them the piano. She's always wanted to learn how to play and was disappointed when neither Rhonda or I showed any aptitude for it. I think she's set her sights on the girls to learn. I guess it can't hurt them...

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