Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The girls had so much fun at the park this morning! They were so excited to get out of the stroller and just run around. They forgot about me right away and got down to the business of playing! That is until they realized they were too short to get on the bouncy ride by themselves. Last time we came, I had to hold them on. This time they were having none of that. They were BIG girls and they could ride all by themselves! (Just as long as Mommy put them on the seat....)They even figured out how to get off by themselves, but learned that wasn't the best move because then some other kid would come and take THEIR ride. Sharing wasn't a huge theme going on today at the toddler park. I finally tried to distract them with the choo-choo to give other kids a chance to ride the bouncy. It was quite busy this morning!

Izzie and Maddie on the bouncy.



Izzie just checking things out.

Maddie on the choo-choo.

Izzie on the choo-choo

I love this picture of Maddie. She's really studying the train from all angles. She looks like such a big girl standing there.

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Allison said...

Hi this is Allison, just chatted with you Your girls are precious! We're only 11 days younger than you guys! :) Love your blog!