Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Park play

Izzie on the train.

Maddie running around the train.

Izzie playing peekaboo.

Maddie playing peekaboo!

Despite the weather report, I took the girls to the park this morning. It was overcast and very gloomy. The sky felt like it could fall any moment. But the girls have been stuck indoor for several days now and were going stir-crazy. So, we loaded up and headed to the park. They had so much fun and it wasn't crowded at all! When we were unloading into the stroller it looked like there were several kids, but they left as we got there. Then there was only one other mom with her two children. Maddie and Izzie had fun running around in large circles, climbing all over the train and playing peekaboo with me. We managed to miss the rain! We did come home before my planned picnic because I didn't want to push matters.

The teething continues. Or at least that is what I'm attributing this current behavior too. Both girls started hitting me this morning. I had to put them both in time out, which they didn't like. Well, Izzie had already been in time out once this morning for playing on my computer. I put her in time out, where she didn't care, then when I let her up she went right back to the computer. So frustrating. Then that's when the hitting Momma started. Both of the girls. So, back in time out for both of them. They didn't like it at all. When Izzie got up, she gave me a hug and went off to play. Maddie gave me a kiss and then hit me again. So, back in time out. After time out this time, she gave me big hugs and kisses and then finally went off to play with Izzie. We are in a new phase, and as you can tell, I'm really trying to get a grasp. The change seemed to happen overnight, so I'm still reeling from the shock.

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Kara Ross said...

Is this the Firewheel Park? I need to check that one out! Looks like lots of fun!