Saturday, April 18, 2009

Night-Night routine

Don't get shocked, but tonight we did things out of order of our schedule. Mostly because Izzie decided to wear dinner. Literally. She turned her bowl upside down on her head and was very proud of her "hat" which is a new word that they learned recently. Instead of playing, the bath, then night-night. We did bath, the play, then night-night. After the bath, we got the girls into their pajamas and they both got really upset. They were not ready for bed and they didn't know we were messing with their schedule. But when we told them they could go pet "cat" in Mommy and Daddy's room, they got excited. I keep a couple of toys in our room in a drawer just for them. Maddie went right to the drawer and started pulling out toys. Well that is after she petted Travis, one of our cats. They played for about 30 minutes. Maddie also learned how to climb up on our bed during this time. Izzie was having fun chasing around the big exercise ball that is in our room. Then all of a sudden, Maddie starts picking up her toys and putting the in the drawer. She then turns to me and signs "all done!" and heads for the door! I asked her if she was ready to go Night-Night. She just kept signing "all done." Izzie ran to the door also when I said Night Night. So, we put them in bed. They stayed up for a bit giggling, but that has been a nightly occurance around here lately. Now they are sound asleep. It was fun changing it up a bit.

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