Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The girls are playing in the pit. It's the one hour a day that they will stay in there content. As long as they don't see me. I usually eat my breakfast and watch some tv during this time. It gives them some independence and gives me a slow start to my day. I'm such a go-go person, that I think I need some mellow time each day. The last two days, instead of watching tv, I've come in here to the office and just spent some time browsing the internet. This has good potential for an extra hour a day that I might be able to get some work done.

Recently, I signed up to become the Newsletter Editor for PAMOM, my twin mom group. (Starting in June.) I just finished doing my community newsletter and was really enjoying not having the stress of that, so why did I sign up to do the PAMOM one? Maybe because I miss it. It keeps me in the game. It flexes my design muscles. So, I'm both looking forward to it and dreading it all in the same breath. That's how it was with my community paper too. Each quater, I'd dread working on it. Once I got started though, I got so excited and pumped up about the edition. (Did I mention the PAMOM newsletter is MONTHLY??) So, yes, I'm nervous about finding the time to do it. Nap time is short around here and usually involves laundry, dishes or some other form of maintaining the house. After the girls go to bed most nights I'm dashing off to the gym. When I get home from that, I'm too exhausted to sit in front of the computer. Some might be wondering how I can do so much with the blog, if I'm whining about time, but it's different. I can sit down here for 5- 10 minutes while the girls are doing this or that, but to get involved in a design project, I need an hour minium to get the creative "flow" going.

A few things will help, after the cold and flu season, I can try to take the girls to the gym day care. This will allow me to go to the gym during the day. I think this has benefits all around. They will get a mini-day care experience. Meet new friends and hopefully lose some of the mommy-attachement tthat has been going on. (Which I know is perfectly normal for 15 month olds.) This will also give me a bit more free time in the evenings again to pursue some of my creative endevors. Not only with the computer but with my lonely art studio. I have projects perculating in my brain that I'm itching to get to.

Todays plans: After the girls eat breakfast here in a few minutes, we are going to head out to the park. A few mom's from one of my Mom's Clubs are bringing their kids. I'm looking forward to it. I hope it warms up a bit. But I'll bundle them up and we should be fine.

Happy April Fool's day, all!

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