Friday, April 10, 2009

Morning at our friends' house

Maddie and Izzie eating lunch.

Maddie and Izzie with their friends playing in the ship fort.

Izzie peeking out the port hole.

Lila and Zella sitting for a story that Ashley is telling.

Maddie LOVED the ball pit!

This morning I took the girls over to Lila and Zella's house to play. Better than going to a park, they had a blast playing with all the new toys! Sure, I'm sure they noticed the other two toddlers, but the toys, oh, the toys. They had a ball pit, and talking Elmo's and blocks and new books. There was just too many new things to ponder. After playing for an hour with all the new toys, we headed out to Ashley's backyard to play for a bit. She had a couple of forts, slides and swings to enjoy. Maddie and Izzie both ran to the swings first. They love swinging. I taught them how to go down the slide a few times and then we headed in for lunch. Zella and Lila ate in their high chairs and Maddie and Izzie had lunch sitting in some camp chairs.

I had a great time watching the girls sort of interact. I also had a good visit with Ashley. We even talked decorating for a bit. She loves color just as much as I do. We laid out a whole new scheme for her dining room. I'm sure Dustin, her husband, will be thrilled at the new ideas.

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