Monday, April 27, 2009

More teeth are on the horizon

Maddie and Izzie taking a bath.

Today is another pajama day. I've taken to turning most rainy days into pajama days, it just seems fitting. Both girls are teething, so the past few days have been rough. Luckily for me though, they seem to take turns on who is the crankiest each day. It's really strange. Saturday was all Maddie, Sunday Izzie was a cranky goblin and today it's Maddie all over again. Izzie's been playing quite contently, but Maddie is just super needy and whiny.

Both girls climbed into their toy box this morning and got stuck. They cries that issued forth should have brought the neighbors running. They weren't hurt (the toy box doesn't even have a lid) they just couldn't get out and they were MAD. I rescued them, but they didn't want to stay in the pit after that at all. So I didn't get my morning "me" time. Which of course makes me cranky, but I'll get over it. We made another pillow mountain in the living room, but it didn't go over well today. They are both carrying around wooden spoons that I gave them. I pulled out some pots and pans and they had fun "making dinner" for about 5 minutes. Right now, they are watching their Signing Times video. Nana is coming over sometime soon (I hope.)

The girls have decided that outside is more fun that inside. Before anywhere where they weren't was more fun. For instance if we were inside and I asked them if they wanted to go outside, they got super excited and ran for the door. Then when we were outside and it was time to go in, I asked them if they were ready to go inside and they got super excited and ran for the door. Now though, they've decided that outside is fun, and inside is boring. Yesterday it was really hard to get them back inside after playing. It was so convenient before, and now it's hard. I get one girl inside, but then she runs back outside while I'm getting the second girl. Repeat. Unless I pick them up and carry them inside (while trying to open the backdoor) it's just a loop. This is NOT cool to me. I'm trying very hard to teach them to be independent. I make them walk to the car, I make them walk up the stairs, I am currently teaching them to go down the stairs.

I know if I had one baby, I'd take this carrying/coddling stage a whole lot further. With two, I just can't. They are getting heavy. I can't carry them together as easily anymore. I refuse to have more work for me. (ie. carry one girl to the car, go back get the other girl. Or carry one upstairs, go back down carry the second.) No way. They are big and they can walk. So now it's all about listening. I've got to get them to go in when I say so. I know everyone is laughing at me right now. Get a toddler to listen, she must be crazy, you are thinking. I know. I have lofty aspirations. I don't believe in bribes (for the most part, exceptions can be made.) So that makes life even more difficult. I'll figure it out. It's just a new stage.

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