Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Farm sounds

Walking in our wagon after dinner. (Maddie & Izzie)

The girls have been working on their farm animal sounds. Maddie especially is really great at matching a sound with an animal. She knows that a cow says moo, a duck says quack, a horse says neigh. She also thinks that a chicken says quack and a goat says moo, but we are working on those. Izzie knows a cow says moo and then she'll repeat the others after you say them for her. The problem is, Maddie usually answers first and doesn't give Izzie a chance to talk. We were practicing our animal sounds in the bathtub this evening. Which was impressive since we didn't even have any animals to look at. They do have a blue hippo that floats in the water. On the hippo's belly is a plastic bump. Both girls think this is the hippo's belly button. It's so cute. Every bath night they have to check and make sure the hippo still has it's belly button.

Today has been a super long day. I had a dentist appointment this morning, with a new dentist. Yippee, another cavity. I never had a cavity before the girls. And a second opinion that my wisdom tooth does need to come out. I want to ignore that. I've done really good at ignoring it the past six months. I also went to have a stress test done on my heart, since my chest has been bugging me the past couple of weeks. No results yet, doc will call on Friday.

Mom was great and watched the girls all day long. They had plenty of fun playing with and reading books with Nana today.

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Allison said...

We're still working on the animal sounds...they like to hear me do them. They think it's funny when I moo and quack! But Anna is very good at saying duck, it's so cute. So now everything is duck...it used to be everything was dog. We're getting somewhere here!