Friday, April 10, 2009

Dinner out

Izzie and Momma

Daddy and Maddie

Maddie, Ashley, Zella, Lila, Dustin and Izzie

Lila, Dustin, John, Maddie, Izzie, Amanda and Ashley (No, Zella didn't take the picture, but apparently she got cut out of the shot.)

We went on an adventure tonight. John, Maddie, Izzie and I met Ashley, Dustin, Lila and Zella for dinner at Chiloso Mexican Bistro. It ended up being a perfect venue because it was easy and casual. They do need to buy more high chairs though. They only had two. So, two sets of twin toddlers cannot dine at their establishment without their own seating. Which was fine, since I had booster seats in the van. These booster seats have saved the day many times! Anyway we had a good time. All four toddlers were on their very best behavior. Although I think Maddie and Izzie might have been sad that they didn't get to sit next to Zella and Lila (or more truthfully, they were in their own little world and didn't even notice their friends...)

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