Thursday, April 2, 2009


My plan today was to take the girls over to my Mom's house so they could run around in her huge backyard. We had thunderstorms last night (which we really need!) so I figured they ground would be way to soggy to run around in. That was even before I realized we were having gale force winds today. (Okay, I'm not really sure what makes a gale force wind, but I think these winds could have easily knocked the girls down.) So, instead of hanging out at mom's we met her for lunch at Chiloso. I'd been wanting to try them out, and they were yummy terrific. The girls were little angels. I brought them a chicken salad sandwich to eat.

After naptime, Izzie woke up not feeling well. She basically cried for a full hour while I was trying to calm her down. After an hour of crying (with some quiet when I was able to soothe her) I gave her some tylenol. That seemed to help, because by the time John got home, she was mostly over her upset. I'm not sure exactly if it was her gums or her bum hurting her.

After naptime Maddie climbed in one of her new "organization" bins. Too bad it wasn't the one labeled "People!"

Izzie saw this and thought she should join in on the fun.

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Lynn said...

Hah...Hannah did the same thing last week. Too cute.