Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chair Yoga, or April PAMOM meeting

Tonight was my monthly PAMOM meeting. The toddler mom group was a discussion on pool safety since summer is approaching. It was mostly an advertisement for this one ladies pool class, but there was some good general safety info to take away from the class and some fun activities to do in the pool and bathtub to make water play fun. All in all, it was a good presentation.

The dinner tonight was potluck, which I was excited about since I love to cook. I made Chicken (wings) and 40 Cloves. Turns out that even though (I thought) the dish was yummy, I picked the wrong venue. Most ladies don't want to eat wings. Too messy. John's taking the leftovers to work tomorrow where I'm sure the guys will be licking the plate. I think I also just made way too many since this was a smaller meeting than we usually have.

The main guest speaker was an awesome Yoga instructor. She taught us some chair yoga which was fun and silly all at the same time. Her speech was all about embracing the moment and enjoying life's messes. She was really a great speaker.

I had fun catching up with a lot of the other MoM's (Mother's of Multiples.) Found out that my friend Jessica and her triplets are out of RSV lock down. Unfortunately they caught colds from their first outing. We are planning a playdate as soon as they get better. Angela and I sat in the back, which is dangerous for me, since I tend to talk to much. But we had a chance to catch up on her little girls Andi and Alex. Ashley stopped by for a few minutes but didn't stay for the whole evening. I also got to see my PAMOM buddy again. Every time I see her I think it's the last time before she delivers. She is doing phenomenally. She is 34wk 6 days today and that is when I delivered. She hasn't had to be on bedrest. Her doctor thinks she might even make it all the way to 38 weeks! All in all, it was a good time.

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Misty said...

good seeing you last night! I love the new blog look. Gorgeous!