Thursday, April 16, 2009

24 Hour Fitness

I took the girls to the gym for the first time today. I was waiting until my friends (The Gerwer Quads) and the (Melker Triplets) announced that they were off RSV lockdown. We didn't do a lockdown with the twins, but my pediatrian did recommend that since they weren't in daycare it would be best to avoid public play areas. The one time we took them to the mall this winter is when they all got that nasty stomach virus. So, since the other multiples were given the green light to get out, I took that and went. I was nervous since the girls haven't done any kind of day care without me. The only times they haven't been with either John or I they have been with Grandma and Grandpa or Nana and Popo.

They did great! Better than I thought. I didn't even take shower stuff, figuring I wouldn't get my full 30 minute workout much less time to shower. I underestimated the girls. They were fine. Maddie fussed a little bit the lady said, but Izzie was great. They said that they mostly just stood around and watched everyone at first, and then they started to play a bit. They have a DanceDance Revolution Game for the older kids and when I went to pick the girls up, Maddie was watching an older kid dance away on the thing.

I'm glad it went so well. Not that I'm going to take them to the gym every single day, but it at least gives me a bit more options. I'm thrilled because that means tonight after they go down, instead of rushing off to the gym, I can finish an art project or work out in the flower bed for a bit. I just got my order of blueberries in and now I'm excited to get them planted!

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