Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Water fun at Nana's

This morning after breakfast, I took the girls over to Nana and Popo's house to play outside for a bit. It wasn't quite warm enough, so I had to throw on their hoodies and the dew hadn't evaporated so eveything was a bit damp. The girls still had fun, especially when Maddie discovered a bin that my mom had full of rocks. She was using it to store the rocks in temporarily and it got full of rain water. Maddie cautiously touched the water and then looked back at us to see if it was okay. I don't know how they played in it for so long. It was almost like ice water! But they had a great time splashing. Then when Izzie tried to drink the water, Mom and I pulled out all of the rocks and put the water behind the gate where the girls couldn't reach it.

Maddie "asking" if it was okay to splash in the tub of water.

Izzie and Maddie splashing.

Playing with the rocks after we put the water away.

Maddie (notice they have different colored ribbons so I can tell them apart easily)

Izzie playing with the new BIG ball that Nana bought.

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